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This website is for parts orders only! If you would like to get full-product information — visit our main website HERE!

To everyone affected by Hurricane Ian, we’re thinking of you, and we encourage everyone who is able to donate to Ian relief here.

To our partners in business, we know you are eager to get back up and running so you can serve your community during this recovery period and beyond.

If you need to repair/service damaged drive-thru equipment, the fastest way to get replacement parts is to order through bavisdirect.com or follow the links below for these specific parts:

Why Buy Bavis?
Bavis Sales and Service is the premier manufacturer of drive-thru systems for the financial, quick service and pharmacy industries. Bavis is very different from their competitors in that they offer innovative and often patented drive-thru solutions to provide for the specific needs of their customers.  They do not just sell “the same old equipment” that everyone else offers.  Everything Bavis does flows from the needs of their customers.

As a result of this approach, Bavis offers three different remote drive-thru transport technologies.  Everyone else offers a single solution.  Because Bavis provides these options they have the the greatest flexibility in solving a customer’s particular needs. These range from the simple pneumatic tube carrier, to other more cost effective and reliable technologies including systems like the TransTrax® and Autoveyor® that use other means to move the carrier.  LEARN MORE

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